PicoLisp Explored

PicoLisp Explored Blog

“PicoLisp Explored” is a blog I write on functional programming in the Lisp-dialect PicoLisp. The blog is aimed at PicoLisp newcomers and presents a lot of beginner’s material and examples.


Web App Programming

Adaptive Video Player

Adaptive Video Player

This is my graduation thesis at University of Hagen (2021) written in team with Laura Heyder. It’s a case study of a video player that provides didactic support functions based on to the viewing behavior of the user.


Donkey Management App


This is a very cute project that I like a lot. I wrote it for a non-profit organisation which supports donkeys (no kidding!).

  • Technology Stack: Progressive Web-App based on the Quasar framework, backend NodeJS/ExpressJS, database MongoDB.
  • An early prototype version without backend is available at Google Firebase:




Here are two super simple band websites I made with WordPress. It’s nothing sophisticated but I think it looks kind of cool. And their music is great too.


This Website :-)

This website is written in Go (based on the Hugo Coder template by Luiz de Prá)) and powered by GitLab Pages.


Cyber Security / Pen Testing

I got into hacking and pen testing a few months ago. On the blog section of this page I’m posting write-ups of CTFs and Virtual Machine Boxes as preparation for the OSCP exam I’m planning to take.